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Production quality and reliability is ranked first for us.

Our company is established on an 10,000 m2 indoor and 4,000 m2 outdoor area and has been active in PET recycling sector since 2004.We starter PET Film (FOLIO)/Plate production in  the same facility in 2012. OUR ORGANISATIONAL PURPOSE is to follow all the sectoral progress about packing. KFF that has prepared its infrastructure that can meet the current developments is always at service of its customers in providing primarily quality and trust in production of PET Flake, Film (FOLIO) and plate.


KFF AMBALAJ has a monthly PET Flake production of 1200 tons. THere are storage and classification depots in many cities of Tutkey as much as in Gaziantep City. Our Pet Flakes products have been marketed to domestic and international companies that are in fiber, packing and plastics sectors. We have been providing products to WATER and THERMOFORM companies worldwide that is prduced in our facilities with a PET Film (FOLIO)/Plate capacity of 1000 ton/monthly.


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